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math questionnaire

Course Name:         Geometry   10        Level: Advanced                 Points: 5
Teacher Name: Holliday
Texts/Instructional Materials: Houghton Mifflin Geometry

1st Quarter:

I. Algebra Review
    A. Factoring
    B. Systems of Equations
    C. Reducing Square Roots
    D. Complex Fractions Quiz on I.
                                                                                         Test on I.
II Coordinate Geometry
    A. Coordinates and Midpoints
    B. Slope
    C. Slopes of Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
    D. Equations of Lines
   E. Distance Formula                                                      Quiz on II.
                                                                                        Test on II. (Open Response)
III. Basic Ideas of Geometry
    A. Points, Lines, Planes, and Space
    B. Distance and Segment Measure
    C. Rays, Angles, and Angle Measure
    D. Congruent Segments and Angles                                Quiz on III.
    E. Triangles
    F. Conditional Statements
    G. Drawing and Supporting Conclusions
    H. Deductive Reasoning - Using Algebraic Properties     Test on III. (Open Response)

IV. Introduction to Proof
    A. Two-Column Proofs
    B. Complementary, Supplementary, and Vertical Angles
    C. Perpendicular Lines
    D. Drawing and Using Diagrams
    E. Planning and Writing a Proof
    F. Proving Theorems: Segments and Lines                    Quiz on IV.
    G. Proving Theorems: Angles                                        Test on IV.

2nd Quarter:

V. Parallel Lines and Planes
    A. Parallel Lines, Planes, and Transversals
    B. Properties of Parallel Lines
    C. Proving Lines Parallel                                                Quiz V.
    D. Angles of a Triangle                                                    Test V
    E. Theorems Related to the Angle Sum Theorem           
.   F. Angles of a Polygon

VI  Congruent Triangles (2 Tests)
    A. Congruent Triangles
    B. Congruence Postulates
    C. Proofs: Using Congruence Postulates
    D. Proving Segments and Angles Congruent
    E. Proofs: Overlapping Triangles                                     Test A. - E.
    F. Isosceles Triangles
    G. AAS Congruence and Right Triangle Congruence       Test VI.
VI. Using Congruent Triangles and Parallel Lines
    A. Properties of Parallelograms
    B. Proving Quadrilaterals are Parallelograms
    C. Rectangles, Rhombuses, and Squares
    D. Trapezoids
    E. The Midsegment Theorem Test A. - E.
    F. Indirect Proof
    G. Inequalities in One Triangle
    H. Inequalities in Two Triangles                                        Test VII.

 3rd Quarter:

VII. Similarity
    A. Ratio and Proportion
    B. Properties of Proportions
    C. Similar Polygons
    D. AA Similarity Postulate
    E. SAS and SSS Similarity Theorems                            Quiz VIII.
    F. Segments Divided Proportionally                                Test VIII. (Open Response)

VIII. Right Triangles
    A. Right Triangle Proportions
    B. The Pythagorean Theorem                                         Quiz A. - B.
    C. The Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem

4th Quarter:
D. Special Right Triangles                                                Quiz C. - D   .                        E. Obtuse and acute triangles

    F. Trigonometric Functions                                                Test A. - D.
    G. Angles of Elevation and Depression                               Test VIII
IX Circles
    A. Basic Terms
    B. Tangent Lines
    C. Common Tangents and Tangent Circles
                                                                                        Test A. - E. Inscribed Angles
    D. Arcs and Their Measure
    E. Chords of Circles
    F. Angles of Chords, Secants, and Tangents
    G. Segments of Chords, Secants, And Tangents
                                                                                            Quiz F. - H.
                                                                                            Test IX.
X. Area and Perimeter of Polygons (2 Quizzes, Project, and Test)
    A. Perimeter and Area of Rectangles
    B. Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles
    C. Areas of Trapezoids and Other Quadrilaterals
    D. Area of Regular Polygons                                             Quiz A. - D.
    E. Ratios of Areas and Perimeters of Similar Polygons
    F. Circumference and Arc Length
    G. Areas of Circles, Sectors, and Segments                        Test X

XI Surface Area and Volume
    A. Surface Area and Volume of Prisms
    B. Surface Area and Volume of Pyramids                            Quiz A, B
    C. Surface Area and Volume of Cylinders
    D. Surface Area and Volume of Spheres                              Quiz C, D
    E. Surface Area and Volume of Similar Solids                       Test XI

*Assessment Tools:

Teacher observations               


Teacher observations

MCAS Testing

Oral presentation Rubrics
Self-grading and evaluations
Diagnostic testing
Interdisciplinary activities
Open ended questions
Word problems
Co-operative learning projects
Take home tests/writing assignments
Objective Tests/Quizzes
Mid Year Exam
Final Exam
*See IEP or 504 plan for modification where applicable. Grading Policy:
Homework will be counted as a quiz grade. Each assignment missed will result in a 5 point deduction from the starting grade of 100%.
Oral presentations will count as a quiz grade. Quizzes will count as 1A a test grade.