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math questionnaire


It is very important to all of us in any endeavor we undertake we act responsibility.  To do this in school it is necessary for you to understand what your responsibilities are.

COME TO CLASS The lectures, demonstrations and class participation are impossible to make up.  If you are not ill you are expected to be in class everyday.  Missing my class for other act ivies without prior approval will be considered a cut and no make up will be allowed.  Approval will only be given if all work in this class is up to date.

IF YOU ARE ABSENT copy notes from a classmate, read the text and complete all written assignments.  See me to check your work and to make arrangements to take any quizzes or tests you may have missed.

IF YOU WISH TO ATTEND FIELD TRIPS, SPECIAL EVENTS, ETC.  I will give you permission under the following conditions:

1)    Present me with a pass or permission slip in advance

2)    You return to class with all assigned work completed

3)    You have not missed a class during the week prior to the event.

4)    You do not owe me any work.

IF YOU ARE DISMISSED If you know you are going to be dismissed see me for homework and/or handouts you may need.  You are to return to class with all work completed.  Missed test and quizzes are to be made up the next day.

BE ON TIME Be in class before the bell rings.  If you are late put your pass on the podium.  If you do not have a pass see me at the end of class.

THREE RING BINDERS You are to have a separate three ring binder for this class.  Notes are to be taken each day.  Notebooks are to show the date, any rules or formulas we use that day and examples used to help understand the material being discussed that day.  Notebooks will be checked at various times during the year and a quiz grade will be given on the completeness of its contents.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS Homework is given almost every night with few exceptions.  Homework will be corrected at the beginning of class.  Homework paper should be neat and show all work.  Your name, date, assignment and class must appear in the upper right hand corner.  All Math homework must be done in pencil.  Homework papers with just answers will not be accepted.  All corrections are to be made in pen (not red).  Homework will not be accepted late except due to illness or a note from parent/guardian.

QUIZZES AND TESTS Quizzes will be given throughout each chapter some will be unannounced. Tests will be given at the end of each chapter and as a cumulative assessment at the end of two or three chapters.  Tests carry a value of two quizzes.

COME TO CLASS PREPARED This means you must have the following at all times.  Textbook, notebook binder, pencil, pen and calculator.

GRADING  class participation - one grade        homework - one grade       

                    notebook check - one grade             each quiz - one grade

                    each test - two grades                       project - one or two grades

                    research paper - two grades           Midyear and final exams   - 25% of 2nd and 4th term grade.      

All grades will be totaled and averaged for a term mark.  Any extra credit will be added to total before averaging.

IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM COME FOR EXTRA HELP  If you are confused about any of your work come to me for extra help immediately.  I am available before and after school in room 304A.  Some days I do have meeting so I need to know if you are coming after school.

RESPECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS  Do not write on desks or litter the floor.  Throw away any trash in the wastebasket as you leave the room.  Do not bring food or beverage to class.

It should go without saying that it is also your responsibility to respect each class, the teacher and the members of the class.  Disruptive or uncooperative behavior will not be accepted.  I have a reputation for being a nice and fair teacher, please do not interpret that as being easy.  I expect you to work for the grade you want.  Lets all work together to have a fun and productive class.

Mrs. Holliday